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EJ's 2nd CHANCE!
Feel free to Donate here as well! Not looking for HUGE Donations. If a person donated $5 which I would greatly appreciate. It would only take 100 to reach my goal! However allow me to introduce myself! My name's John, recently I had recieved a bill for having to visit the ER ( Emergency Room) for health reasons. Leaving me with medical expenses that are too much for my minimum wage to handle along with rent, bills, AND the baby. It could lead to my new family being potentially homeless soon... The money being raised will be used to pay the Medical expenses, as well as other outrageous bills that accumlated over time. The funds aren't needed immediate. However the hospitals keep sending in mail saying they need it within the next 30 days. This means alot not only to me but to my son as well so he can live in a safe healthy environment. While not having to worry about living on the street.. I couldn't be more thankful and very joyous that there are still such kind people out there to help those in need!


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Thumb baby jr  2
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Jun 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016

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