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Halifax Megamanathon Team
Group responsible for the annual Halifax Megamanathon; a charity event raising money to acquire games and consoles for hospitalized children at the IWK Children's Hospital in Halifax. --- **Adam Strickland**: Founder of the event. He's the one playing the games every year and the public face of the marathon and manages the Facebook event page. **Adam Perry**: Owner of The Last Game Store on Lacewood Drive, an independently run business which has sponsored the event year after year with a venue, streaming equipment, bandwidth, raffle prizes and ticket sales/publicity. Also helps keep the two other folk on track. **Réal O'Neil**: IT/Web guy and graphic designer. Responsible for graphics, posters and all that internet stuff not handled by the two above, stream commentary and co-navigator at the event.


Team Campaigns

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Megamanathon 2016


Jul 23, 2016
Jul 24, 2016