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Join us on November 11th in support of with an all- star performance with Rampage, Trick2G, Pineaqples, MMXTV, Rooster, Taxi, Keviseeb, Sloth, Aydren, and NeonCycle1 These 2 teams of 5 will have the task of protecting their "PACKAGES" as they battle for King of the Kill in H1Z1. Their PACKAGES (one player on each side) must survive to the bitter end while fighting off their enemies in an open server. NOW, for the fun part. In this best of five series, if Trick's team loses, Cher will donate $1000.00 to and IF the OTHER team loses, Nifsta will donate $1000.00. To make this more exciting, there will be a bounty on each package's head. The person who kills the other team's package using a bow and arrow ONLY will win a Sennheiser Headset courtesy of Sennheiser. Each broadcaster participating will be accepting donations for such an organization so close to our hearts. Trick2g will also be donating 100% of his sub money during the charity event. If you can not make it to the event, and you would like to contribute please visit us here and send us a message.


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Nov 08, 2016
Nov 13, 2016