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Goldie's friend Kompalol said "What do you want for your birthday?" She said, "A cure". He said "Let's make that happen. We will do a charity stream". They started to talk about it and it took on a life of it's own. Everyone wanted to help!!! Back story: Goldie8875 is a mod for Kieva. Goldie is on twitch everyday. Goldie went through a period of time that was a great depression because her brain didn't work properly and no one knew why. Her husband suggested she watch some gaming on twitch to distract her from her disease. She became a member of many twitch communities quickly because of her outgoing personality. She was 37 when she first got sick. At 41 they decided she is suffering from Early Onset Alzheimer's/Dementia. There is no cure. She will live the rest of her life knowing her brain is dying... until the part of her brain that reasons dies, then she will not be sure of anything really. Usually people with this disease forget how to swallow and breath and that is how they die. Alzheimers is now Britain's number 1 killer. It's going to be the number 1 killer in the US in a few years. WE MUST HAVE A CURE!!!


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Nov 30, 2017
Dec 20, 2017

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