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The Buds Gaming 4 Troops
Hello everyone! This is a fundraising page created by a group of friends who love to play games, but who also want to give back to those who served. For the THIRD YEAR in a row, we are partnering up with Operation Supply Drop to raise money to support our troops, both deployed and stateside! Operation Supply Drop is probably one of the most fantastic things I have ever come across. They raise money to build "Care Packages", or as they like to call them Supply Drops, and those packages are stocked full of video games and consoles and TVs,etc. Some of you may be thinking that there is no point to this, but there most certainly is. These troops that are deployed don't really have anything to let them relax and have a good time like video games do. No better way to unwind after a day in the field than sit back and lose yourself in a game! Also, OSD does do a lot of work for troops who have been injured or are in rehabilitation as well. Supply drops are sent to hospitals and rehab centers across the world to help troops overcome their obstacles easier, whether that be relaxing, working on their rehab, etc. Video games have been proven to be an excellent form of rehabilitstion, and OSD is all over supplying these guys with what they need. Well, we are back! I have raised money for Operation Supply Drop for the last two years, and I am really excited for the opportunity to do it a third year. Last year I was accompanied by OCTAVIUS, and it looks like we will be back at it this year. We actually might even have a few more join us as well! We will be streaming on and off through May 31, but we will be having a 24 hour livestream on May 7th starting at 12PM. If you see us online, stop by and say hey or let us know what you think of OSD! Follow us as well so you know when we start our streams for the troops! As always, thank you for supporting us on this endeavor, and let's hit our goal! Let's Make Fun Where There is None!!!


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