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HEY! This is the team for the USSFloridaGold Campaign! We will be streaming games and taking donations all week of the last week of Military Appreciation Month of May 2016\. So far, there is only one stream with giveaways but others can be specific to the stream if the streamer chooses. We set an ambitious goal but hopefully with the help of our followers and friends or family we can reach our goal and really help Operation Supply Drop help some great men and women and thank them for their services. If there is a specific day/time you would like to stream and be the priority stream you will be hosted by the others for maximum visibility so we can support each other and have a great week. Play whatever you like and whenever you want to other than that. If you or anyone you know wants to contribute to a giveaway that is totally cool as well. So far the items will be a gift card, a game, a military appreciation care package (military pride stuff like a shirt and keychain and other random things) the ability to choose a game to be played on stream and the ability to name the stream (within reason obv) This should be a lot of fun and we will hopefully have a great week planned and hit our goal! Cross your fingers! As people join the team I will edit our banners and we can make a rough schedule with what and when we will be playing so we can promote each other. If you have any ideas, please shout them out! I want everyone involved as much as possible so it's super fun and cool and whatever!


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